George’s Story

I was born in San Antonio, TX due to my father being in the Air Force. My parents divorced when I was three years old and at that time my mother moved me and my older brother to West Virginia. I had a somewhat normal childhood growing up. My mother worked numerous jobs to provide for me and my two brothers. My father began working for the Charleston Police Department and rarely had time to be in my life as much as I would have liked him to be.
At a young age, I began to play football and grew to love the sport because I developed a natural skill in the sport. I had high hopes and expectations to make a career out of playing football until my mother decided to move from the West Side of Charleston to Richmond, VA. While living in Richmond I have seen and done things that are not normal for most other teenagers.

At the age of thirteen, I smoked my first cigarette, smoked weed, and took my first drink of liquor. Shortly after I began my life of drug dealing. I eventually dropped out of school and moved back to Charleston. Months after moving back I caught a malicious wounding charge and was sentenced to juvenile life. When I was released at the age of twenty-one, I attended Marshall University with hopes of once again playing football. Becoming financially overwhelmed while in college I would go back to Charleston on the weekends and sell drugs so that I would have money throughout the week. Once the semester was over, I again dropped out of school and sold drugs full-time. At this time, I was introduced to pain pills and developed a love for them.
A couple of years later, I caught a Federal charge for numerous amounts of drugs and money, which later was dismissed due to illegal search and seizure. I continued with the same behaviors and ended with the same result, which led me to be incarcerated a second time for possession with intent to deliver crack cocaine. Once out on parole, I began to work two jobs and started my pill habit back up. I eventually began to sell meth and quit both jobs. Once it became hard for me to find pain pills, I tried meth for the first time and made it a habit. By not changing my drug dealing ways, I again found myself faced with drug charges, but this time my girlfriend had to see her kids get taken away. This is what made me want to change my life. Due to my new addiction to meth, I could not make that decision to change for myself and because of this, it led me back to incarceration.

While waiting to go to prison, COVID-19 came and changed the world, so I was stuck in jail. God did for me what I could not do for myself and I was granted a reconsideration and sent to Recovery Point Huntington. By being allowed to come to Recovery Point Huntington, I have learned things about myself that made me continue with the same behaviors that I did for so many years of my life. This program enabled me to find a higher power of my understanding that can lead me throughout my journey through life. My goal is to continue my path of recovery through the will of my higher power and help as many people as I can who still struggle with alcoholism and addiction to the best of my abilities.