Heather’s Story

My name is Heather and my sobriety date is 7/28/2020, the day I arrived at Recovery Point Charleston.  As a child, I always knew something was different about me.  I spent my early teenage years always trying to fit in with other kids my age, but I never could find where I felt like I belonged.  When I was thirteen, I took my first drink of alcohol.  Finally, the void inside of me was filled and I felt like I’d found my place.  All was well in the world and drinking became a weekend ritual for a few years.

When I was fifteen, I was sent to a doctor for anxiety.  She prescribed me Xanax and I once again felt whole.  I soon figured out that if I mixed alcohol and Xanax, all my problems would temporarily go away.  This was my thing to do whenever I wanted to escape.  This worked for a few years until my void grew bigger.  One day, at the age of nineteen, I was introduced to heroin.  That day I sold my soul to the devil.  Heroin had taken over my life.

Over six years, heroin stole my children, my family, numerous jobs, and eventually my freedom.  I was arrested on Federal charges for selling heroin in my hometown.  The judicial system gave me chance after chance to do the right thing and stay sober.  I would do well for a while, go to meetings, and play the part but I was doing it to get my paper signed.  I never really wanted it for myself.

In January 2020, I relapsed again.  This time I was sent to jail and sentenced to prison.  I had given up and accepted my fate.  Fortunately, they released me before I was transported to prison and my Federal Probation Officer told me I was going to Recovery Point Charleston.  I knew I wanted change, and, on that day, I surrendered to the program.

My time at Recovery Point has not been easy.  I have felt some deep growing pains.  Although it has not been easy, I have learned how to trust other women and depend on them as well as how to be dependable.  Most importantly, I have learned how to truly apply the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous in my everyday life. I can apply the principles and help others to do the same. In my time being here, the promises have come true in my life.  Because of Recovery Point, I have real relationships with friends, and I have my family back.  Today, I can talk to my children and I am working on mending my relationship with them.  I have self-respect today but most importantly I have my life back. I have true freedom from alcoholism and addiction.  I know if I use the tools and resources Recovery Point has taught me and I go through life one day at a time, I will never have to drink or use again.  I am grateful for AA and Recovery Point Charleston.