Jacob’s Story

I was raised on Bakers Farm, my family’s farm in Letart, West Virginia. I had traumatic events occur at a young age, but I had a good childhood. Though I was raised by great parents, I started making my own troubles early on in life. My mother and father were always hearing of one awful thing or another I had been caught doing. Before leaving grade school for middle school, I was already around drugs regularly.

Once in middle school my drug use and bad behaviors only escalated. I surrounded myself with more of the wrong people and got myself into worse and worse situations. Though I had a great family at home I started staying in Point Pleasant, hopping from friend’s house to friend’s house. By the time I was going into high school, I was already selling drugs and using them daily. Halfway through freshman year, I was caught selling pills in school. Thanks to my parent’s help I was only expelled for the year, followed by alternative school. After the first semester of alternative school, I got a review and was able to return to school for the second semester of my sophomore year.

In the following years, I rarely went to school and was arrested at age sixteen and sentenced to juvenile life. After about a year and a half of detention centers, I was offered a program at Davis Stuart. There I was able to get my high school diploma and after completion, I got a revisitation on my case and was released not long after my eighteenth birthday. I was not back long before falling right back into old behaviors. At twenty-three I tried heroin for the first time and my life lost meaning shortly after. The years between then and my coming to Recovery Point Parkersburg were nothing short of incomprehensible demoralization.

Since coming into Recovery Point Parkersburg my life has taken on new purpose and meaning, by that I mean my life now has purpose and meaning. The program here has saved my life. I am currently in the office here as a peer mentor supervisor and could have never imagined myself embracing this kind of responsibility. I currently have the longest period of sobriety I have had in my life since age thirteen. Working these steps has not only put me on track to a better life but also led me to God. Finding my new faith in God here is the thing I am most grateful for. The last thing I will say is the motto I live life by now……Trust God, clean house, help another sufferer out.