“I found out I was pregnant January 1999. I had my 16th birthday that February, got married in March, moved into my own house with my husband, and had a baby in September. By December, I was drinking on a daily basis.

Something just wasn’t right. I was a child and had all these problems I had never addressed before. I was trying anything to take my mind off of reality. I quit everything when I was pregnant but after she was born I started again, and it was a little bit more this time.

This turned into a fifteen year process of losing and gaining, losing and gaining, and finally I lost everything.

It got to the point that I lost a job, and my husband couldn’t keep a job. We decided to start selling Suboxone because we could both stay well and have money. We got a little money and I got back on my feet again, but then I was reintroduced to my drug of choice, and that was pretty much the downfall to everything. I lost everything within about six months.

Finally, [my house] was raided. In February of 2016, I was charged with manufacturing. I got out on bond, but about a month later, it was revoked.

When I got to HER Place, things just changed. I don’t want to use drugs. I’m not ashamed of the things I’ve done anymore. We have weekends with our two boys, and our daughter is slowly starting to come back around. A year ago, I was sitting in jail. I never thought I’d be here; I’ve completely done a 180. It’s great. I don’t have an empty spot anymore.”

Not only is she a HER Place Alumni, but is now a full-time staff member for Recovery Point HER Place.