Zachary’s Story

I grew up in Sissonville, West Virginia. I’m a high school graduate and had a great childhood. My drug use started socially in high school. I would have parties at my house so that friends wouldn’t have to worry about drinking and driving and alcohol-related problems. After high school, I managed to have a knee injury and I discovered a love for opiates; after that, I found a love for everlasting misery.

After many felonies and four different trips to prison, I managed to catch new felonies while out on parole yet once again. This is where my road to having my life back started. I came into the detox dorm at Recovery Point Huntington broken, depressed, lonely, and tired. I managed to start the Phase part of the program in the latter part of July 2020 after realizing that I had battled substance abuse for over ten years. I turned my life over to God and worked the twelve steps. I will graduate from Recovery Point Huntington at the beginning of March, and I am going to start working at another recovery program the week after I graduate here. I plan to go back to college starting in July and I will start sponsoring program participants as soon as I complete Recovery Point.

You can only help yourself by helping others and in order to do anything you have to trust that God will answer prayers in time. I’m a true example of the power of prayer. I hope my experience, strength, and hope can help the next struggling alcoholic. Thanks for reading my story and God Bless.