Off the Street with Recovery Point

Off the Street I and II residents are provided modest accommodations. Bed moves are made weekly as a reward for progress – including class participation, meeting attendance, and overall positive change in attitude and behavior.

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What is Off the Street?

OTS residents are required to attend daily classes and participate in 12-Step meetings where they are introduced to the core concepts of recovery. Essentially, they learn that alcohol and drug addiction is a chronic, progressive, and ultimately fatal disease that can be overcome by complete abstinence. Through interaction with other recovering people with substance use disorder, OTS residents come to understand the physical, mental, and spiritual nature of their addiction. They begin to recognize how their lives have become unmanageable.

What Comes Next?

Each new resident is assigned a “72-hour buddy” – the first in a series of peers who provide support and encouragement for the newcomer and model appropriate social and life skills. Through their example, OTS residents learn the basics of personal responsibility and accountability to the group, and begin to move away from a “street” mentality.

All residents at each location are required to respect the basic rules of conduct termed the Five Golden Rules:

  1. Don’t do drugs or drink alcohol.
  2. No cell phone nor driving of a car.
  3. No physical violence nor threats of violence.
  4. No sexual overtones or threats.
  5. No racial overtones or threats.

Violation of any of these Five Golden Rules results in automatic discharge from the program, no questions asked. Maximum use of peer accountability is used to enforce the rules.

As residents are completing OTS II, they begin their first job assignments in the dining room and they visit the Community Meetings in order to learn what will be expected of them in the next phase of recovery. All four locations, Huntington, Charleston, Parkersburg, and Bluefield, follow this same model across the state of West Virginia.