Recovery Point Huntington, Recovery Point Charleston, Recovery Point Parkersburg, and Recovery Point Bluefield are all programs that encompass non-medical detox.

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Non-Medical Detox

Detox is where recovery from alcohol and drug addiction begins. A typical stay in detox lasts 3-7 days. At least one Detox Monitor trained in CPR and First Aid is on duty at all times to monitor vitals for withdrawal symptoms. No medication is administered during the detoxification process unless previously prescribed and verified. If the client requires medical attention, they will be immediately admitted to a local hospital emergency room to detox under the care of a physician.

As soon as the detox client is stabilized, he or she is required to attend in-house meetings and classes in preparation for participation in the recovery program. While in detox, potential residents are familiarized with the basic principles of the Twelve Steps, given an orientation tour of Recovery Point, and screened for their willingness to fully commit themselves to the program.

Most importantly, they are provided the opportunity for social interaction with the other residents who have themselves experienced the often painful and terrifying process of withdrawal and are now on the road to recovery from their addiction.

Senior members of the Silver Chip Community and Alumni who have successfully completed the program frequently visit the newcomers in detox to share their personal experience and plant the seeds of hope. This program is the same at the Huntington, Charleston, and Bluefield, West Virginia locations.