Recovery Point coaches

Recovery Point West Virginia employs peer recovery coaches in various settings, organizations, and agencies throughout the state. This can include hospital emergency rooms, inpatient drug-free mother-baby programs, county health departments, licensed behavior health centers, and within our own facilities. Peer Recovery Coaches work toward their Peer Recovery credential through the West Virginia certification board for addiction and prevention professionals in order to have a consistent foundation in ethics and other vital knowledge.

A Peer Recovery Coach is a person with lived experience of substance use disorder who serves as a role model of what recovery looks like and who identifies with others in order to guide them along their chosen recovery path. Peer Recovery coaching is experienced-based with supplemental training and knowledge which helps them protect their own recovery while helping others. Peer Recovery Coaches serve as advocates for their individual clients as well as the recovery community in general. Recovery Point West Virginia has added double-digit peer recovery coaches within a year, and we foresee a workforce of about 300 peer recovery coaches across the state.